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Title: Asset and Liability Management in Developing Countries1 - A Balance Sheet Approach
Other Titles: Gestão de ativos e passivos em países em desenvolvimento1 - Uma abordagem de balanço patrimonial
Authors: Poitre, Andre
Keywords: Balance sheet
debt strategy
maturity structure
net worth
Balanço patrimonial
estratégia de dívida
estrutura de vencimento
patrimônio líquido
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Repositório do Tesouro Nacional
Abstract: This paper presents a discussion on the usage of a Balance Sheet Approach applied to developing countries. As an initial stage to conduct proper asset and liability management it discusses how this analytical tool could be used to increase the level of awareness from the debt managers’ point of view. The conclusion is that, although gathering the data is often difficult, the rationale behind it is rather straightforward, which could be useful to help the authorities to mitigate public debt risks while formulating policies.
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