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Title: Perspectivas para o desenvolvimento da cadeia farmacêutica brasileira diante do enfrentamento da Covid-19
Authors: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico (Brasil). Área de Comunicação e Relacionamento Institucional
Reis, Carla
Pieroni, João Paulo
Keywords: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (Brasil) - Financiamento
Brazilian Development Bank - Financing
Indústria farmacêutica - Brasil
Pharmaceutical industry - Brazil
COVID-19 (Doença)
COVID-19 (Disease)
Vacinas - Brasil
Vaccines - Brazil
Pesquisa e desenvolvimento
Research and development
Biotecnologia farmacêutica - Brasil
Pharmaceutical biotechnology - Brazil
Medicamentos genéricos - Brasil
Generic drugs - Brazil
Inovações tecnológicas - Brasil
Technological innovations - Brazil
Política pública
Public policy
Issue Date: Mar-2021
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of a comprehensive look at the health area and expanded the consensus on the strategic relevance of the industrial health complex for the country's development. Despite the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in recent decades, commercial deficits are significant and the capacity for innovation is still fragile. Advances have been observed with the creation of new institutions and advances in the incorporation of skills by the companies, especially in the biotechnology field. The effort to develop new diagnostics tests, vaccines and drugs against Covid-19 can contribute to leverage the country's capacity for innovation. The coordination of public policies is essential for the continuity and success of ongoing efforts. BNDES can contribute to this transformation offering appropriate instruments to support the various stages of research, development and innovation in health.
Other Identifiers: REIS, Carla; PIERONI, João Paulo. Perspectivas para o desenvolvimento da cadeia farmacêutica brasileira diante do enfrentamento da Covid-19 = Perspectives for the development of the brazilian pharmaceutical industry in the context of Covid-19. BNDES Setorial, Rio de Janeiro, v. 27, n. 53, p. [83]-130, mar. 2021.
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