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Title: Como fundos de investimento venture capital podem apoiar o financiamento sustentável de cooperativas?
Authors: Paschoini, Ana Paula Bernardino
Keywords: Financiamento
Capital de risco
Venture capital
Fundos de investimentos
Mutual funds
Cooperative societies
Impacto social
Social impact
Economia colaborativa
Collaborative economy
Empresas novas
New business enterprises
Avaliação de riscos
Risk assessment
Processo decisório
Decision making
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: Cooperatives appear today as a way to promote a better capital appropriation, considering they are able to put in place good strategies and share experiences in collaborative models. This article is derived from a bibliographic and empirical research, as a result of a study in the United Kingdom, to identify behaviors that contribute to the creation of efficient and attractive cooperatives for venture capital and other funds market. Based on data obtained, some recommendations were given to promote new relationships between startups and venture capital funds, aiming to raise awareness about cooperatives and their management style, and therefore to be able to attract investors to create, in the UK, a pilot venture capital fund focused on cooperatives and guided by transparency and joined efforts to sustainable long-term results.
Other Identifiers: PASCHOINI, Ana Paula Bernardino. Como fundos de investimento venture capital podem apoiar o financiamento sustentável de cooperativas? = How can venture capital funds cope as an alternative source to stimulate sustainable growth cooperatives? Revista do BNDES, Rio de Janeiro, v. 27, n. 54, p. [69]-113, dez. 2020.
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