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Title: Integração regional
Keywords: Associação Latino-Americana de Livre Comércio
Economia regional
Regional economics
Integração econômica internacional
International economic integration
Issue Date: 1964
Publisher: Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento Econômico
Abstract: Stressing that economic integration on the international level, by its importance and frequent discussions which it has aroused, requires an ever increasing attention on the part of students, the author starts his work by making an analysis of the theoretical aspects of integration since studies about it are still scarce, and emphasizes the aspects regarding the validity of thesis concerning comparative costs and the group of factors as guiding elements for an economic integration. Other points are examined with the same purpose in mind, such as: the question concerning fixed installed capital (and its maintenance) and its participation in the formation of the Internal Product; problems arising from the structure of economies which are integrated; the imbalances of per capita income within the area which is being integrated and, finally, the problems of free trade. Then the study is focussed on the realities of an integration movement. By analysing the various movements which are now taking place — EFTA, Common Market, LAFTA, Central America — the author shows that they differ in characteristics and cannot serve — not one of them — as examples or experiences — from which sound teachings can be drawn for application to others. Finally the author examines the Montevideo Treaty and the LAFTA integration movement and gives some suggestions concerning instruments and processes for guidance and execution which could be taken to promote the improvement and a better operation of Latin American integration.
Other Identifiers: SÁ, Jayme Magrassi de. Integração regional. Revista do BNDE, Rio de Janeiro, v.1, n.3 , p. 167-178, set. 1964.
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