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Title: Anotações para programação macroeconômica
Keywords: Política econômica
Economic policy
Análise econômico-financeira
Ratio analysis
Issue Date: 1964
Publisher: Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento Econômico
Abstract: The author examines the use of a model as an aid for government action in the economic sector. After commenting upon two extreme concepts of a model (endogeneous and exogeneous factors), the author passes to the consideration of the model's structural relationships and the variables of the economic system in the light of their nature and classifications from the points of view of Economic Analysis and Policy. Finally, the author describes in detail the construction of a model.
L'auteur expose l'utilisation d'un modele destine a aider le gouvernement dans le secteur economique. Il examine d'abord deux conceptions extremes de modele ( facteurs endogenes et facteurs exogenes) et fait ensuite des considerations sur les relations structurales du modele et les variables du systeme economique quanta leur nature et classification sous detaillee de la construction d'un modele. L'auteur presente, enfin, nue exposition les points de vue divergents de l'analyse et de la politique economique.
Other Identifiers: LINHARES, Bruno Mattos. Anotações para programação macroeconômica. Revista do BNDE, Rio de Janeiro, v.1, n.1 , p. 12-20, mar. 1964.
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