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Title: Gás natural: um combustível-chave para uma economia de baixo carbono
Authors: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico (Brasil). Área de Comunicação e Relacionamento Institucional
Teixeira, Cássio Adriano Nunes
Mendes, André Pompeo do Amaral
Costa, Ricardo Cunha da
Rocio, Marco Aurélio Ramalho
Prates, Haroldo Fialho
Keywords: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (Brasil) - Financiamento
Brazilian Development Bank - Financing
Gás natural
Natural gas
Combustíveis fósseis
Fossil fuels
Planejamento energético
Energia - Fontes alternativas
Renewable energy sources
Meio ambiente
Gases estufa - Brasil - 1990-2019
Greenhouse gases - Brazil - 1990-2019
Desenvolvimento sustentável
Sustainable development
Sistema BNDES. Política de Responsabilidade Social e Ambiental.
BNDES System. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Programa BNDES Gás
Issue Date: Mar-2021
Abstract: The world discusses measures to contain greenhouse gas emissions in a climate agenda that has been gaining momentum for decades. Concrete actions are transforming the energy industry and the use of fossil fuels, with natural gas playing an important role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The replacement of fossil fuels with greater rates of pollutant emissions by natural gas enables the reduction of CO2 and other compounds, reflecting on improved quality of life and productivity. Economic and environmental gains with natural gas are feasible and attainable in the short and medium term, which is not true for some alternative energy sources, especially those that still present high costs. This article addresses characteristics of natural gas and its importance for Brazil – where the market is not as mature as those of industrialized countries – and presents notes on the existing climate agenda. In a context where BNDES is committed to the environmental, social and governance agenda, natural gas is included as a strategic fuel for the sustainable development of the country.
Other Identifiers: TEIXEIRA, Cássio Adriano Nunes ... [et al.]. Gás natural: um combustível-chave para uma economia de baixo carbono = Natural gas: a key fuel for a low-carbon economy. BNDES Setorial, Rio de Janeiro, v. 27, n. 53, p. [131]-175, mar. 2021.
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