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Title: Dependência digital e regulação: em busca de uma internet mais saudável
Authors: Nunes, Denilson Ribeiro de Sena
Keywords: Direito e informática - Regulamentação
Law and computer science - Laws and regulations
Vício em Internet - Aspectos jurídicos
Internet addiction - Legal aspects
Viciados em Internet - Aspectos jurídicos
Internet addicts - Legal aspects
Internet - Aspectos psicológicos
Internet - Psychological aspects
Internet - Legislação
Internet - Law and legislation
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: ADVOCEF
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to contribute to the debate about how society can manage the resources available on the Internet in a healthy way in which the undesirable side effects to the health of the population are considered. In order to realize this objective, the author briefly portrays the emergence of the internet, its evolution and its positive and negative effects, among which is located the pathology called digital dependence. It then carries out a regulatory analysis for which it adopts the methodology proposed by the specialized literature based on the analysis of costs and benefits that guides the adoption of more advantageous regulatory alternatives, with emphasis on prudential regulation. It concludes that it is possible to use the Internet in a healthier way, provided that precautions are taken, for which regulation may help to find suitable solutions
Other Identifiers: NUNES, Denilson Ribeiro de Sena. Dependência digital e regulação: em busca de uma internet mais saudável. Revista de Direito da ADVOCEF, Porto Alegre, p. 73-86.
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