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Title: Efeitos jurídicos da multiparentalidade
Authors: Lustosa, Paulo Franco
Keywords: Parentalidade
Direito de família
Domestic relations
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: UNIFOR
Abstract: The present article examines the legal effects of multiparentality, in the differentes fields of Law, specially in Family Law and Inheritance Law. Although on September, 2016, the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court has recognized the possibility of multiparentality, several legal issues remain unclear, regarding, for example, the division of inheritance in case a son deceases before his multiparents or how does custody and visitation rights apply to multiparents. These and other issues are addressed by the present article, which indicates solutions based on doctrine and jurisprudence, prooving that multiparentality may be not so problematic as it might appear at first glance.
Other Identifiers: SCHREIBER, Anderson; LUSTOSA, Paulo Franco. Efeitos jurídicos da multiparentalidade = Legal effects of multiparentality. Fortaleza: 2016.
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