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Title: Aquicultura: a nova fronteira para produção de alimentos de forma sustentável
Keywords: Aquicultura - Brasil
Aquaculture - Brazil
Sustentabilidade - Brasil
Sustainability - Brazil
Pesca - Brasil
Fisheries - Brazil
Indústria pesqueira - Brasil
Fishery processing industries - Brazil
Política pública
Public policy
Aquicultura - Irlanda
Aquaculture - Ireland
Aquicultura - Noruega
Aquaculture - Norway
Aquicultura - Portugal
Aquaculture - Portugal
Aquicultura - Estados Unidos
Aquaculture - United States
Pesca - Aspectos econômicos - Brasil
Fisheries - Economic aspects - Brazil
Desenvolvimento rural
Rural development
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: In the last decades, aquaculture has stood out as a competitive and sustainable activity for food production, contributing to employment and income generation, reducing poverty and hunger in various parts of the world. The impacts of aquaculture were so wide that this experience came to be called “Blue Revolution”. Thus, this article aims to highlight the importance of aquaculture to increase the supply of food and strategic inputs, thus constituting an effective alternative to address the impacts of climate change on agriculture and promote global sustainable development. This article also highlights the opportunities in Brazil for this activity, thus strengthening the perspective of aquaculture as an important lever for the Brazilian regional development.
Other Identifiers: SIQUEIRA, Tagore Villarim de. Aquicultura: a nova fronteira para produção de alimentos de forma sustentável. Revista do BNDES, Rio de Janeiro, v.25, n.49, p. 119-170, jun. 2018
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