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Title: Potencial e barreiras para a exportação de carne de tilápias pelo Brasil
Authors: Milanez, Artur Yabe
Guimarães, Diego Duque
Maia, Guilherme Baptista da Silva
Keywords: Aquicultura - Brasil
Aquaculture - Brazil
Tilápia (Peixe) - Exportação - Brasil
Tilapia - Exportation - Brazil
Aquicultura - Investimentos - Brasil
Aquaculture - Investments - Brazil
Aquicultura - Inovações tecnológicas - Brasil
Aquaculture - Technological innovations - Brazil
Tilápia (Peixe) - Custo operacional - Brasil
Tilapia - Cost of operation - Brazil
Aquicultura - Política governamental - Brasil
Aquaculture - Government policy - Brazil
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: Aquaculture is responsible for one of the major sources of animal protein in the world and, recently, is becoming more important in Brazil. Among the various possible cultures, the one that has been consolidated faster and which has become more representative in the country is the production of tilapias. Although we are among the top five tilapia producing countries in the world, tilapia exports are still not very representative, in spite of their great potential. This article aims to explore precisely this point, seeking to elaborate a diagnosis of the productive chains of tilapia, their potentialities, competitiveness and main export obstacles.
Other Identifiers: MILANEZ, Artur Yabe et al. Potencial e barreiras para a exportação de carne de tilápias pelo Brasil. BNDES Setorial, Rio de Janeiro, v. 25, n. 49 , p. p.[155]-213, mar. 2019.
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