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Title: Economia criativa
Authors: Nyko, Diego
Zendron, Patricia
Keywords: Indústria cultural - Aspectos econômicos
Cultural industries - Economic aspects
Indústria cultural - Indicadores
Cultural industries - Directories
Indústria cultural - Inovações tecnológicas
Cultural industries - Technological innovations
Indústria cultural - Brasil - Financiamento
Cultural industries - Brazil - Financing
Economia criativa - Brasil - Financiamento
Creative economy - Brazil - Financing
Economia criativa - Inovações tecnológicas
Creative economy - Technological innovations
Economia criativa - Aspectos econômicos
Creative economy - Economic aspects
Economia criativa - Indicadores
Creative economy - Directories
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: The creative and cultural industries have been gaining more and more social, cultural and economic relevance in the world. Their externalities, resilience and contribution to socioeconomic development and absorption of professionals assigned them the status of growth engine and development vector in several countries. In this context, Brazil appears as a country with high potential for development. However, to achieve this goal, there are a number of structural challenges that must be overcome. In this sense, this article is a first effort to systematize the themes and actions for the promotion of creative and cultural industries in Brazil. The result of these deliberations originated the so-called “Agenda 4C”: expansion of access to credit and financing, actions for the consumer market’s growth, technical and especially business training initiatives and articulation for sharing market knowledge and methodologies. The implementation of initiatives in these four dimensions can contribute greatly to the development of Brazil.
Other Identifiers: NYKO, Diego; ZENDRON, Patricia. Economia criativa = Creative economy. In: PUGA, Fernando Pimentel; CASTRO, Lavínia Barros de (Org.). Visão 2035 : Brasil, país desenvolvido : agendas setoriais para alcance da meta. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2018. p. 259-288.
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