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Title: Tecnologias da informação e comunicação
Authors: Alves, Carlos Eduardo Azen
Barbosa, Eduardo Kaplan
Cunha, Maria Luiza Carneiro
Lima, Ricardo Rivera de Sousa
Madeira, Rodrigo Ferreira
Keywords: Tecnologia da informação - Brasil
Information technology - Brazil
Telecomunicações - Brasil
Telecommunication - Brazil
Tecnologia da informação - Aspectos econômicos - Brasil
Information technology - Economic aspects - Brazil
Software - Investimentos - Brasil
Computer software - Investments - Brazil
Tecnologia da informação - Política governamental
Information technology - Government policy
Infraestrutura de comunicações
Communication infrastructure
Inovações tecnológicas
Technological innovations
Internet das coisas
Internet of things
Compras (Serviço público)
Government purchasing
Cidades inteligentes
Smart cities
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: Digital transformation is a reality in global economy, with great impact on governments, on enterprises and on the well-being of citizens. At the center of this change are the ICTs, which encompass telecommunication infrastructure and the software and hardware industries. So that Brazil can stand in the forefront of this transformation, investments and well-focused public policies are needed, to promote the national potential and disseminate innovations in the industry homogeneously. In this chapter, proposals that could unlock, optimize or transform the segment until 2035, thus maximizing the economic and social development of the country, are presented. Moreover, two related applications are discussed in more detail, due to their expressive spillovers: the internet of things and smart cities.
Other Identifiers: ALVES, Carlos Eduardo Azen et al. Tecnologias da informação e comunicação = Information and communication technology. In: PUGA, Fernando Pimentel; CASTRO, Lavínia Barros de (Org.). Visão 2035 : Brasil, país desenvolvido : agendas setoriais para alcance da meta. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2018. p. 235-258.
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