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Title: Complexo agroalimentar
Authors: Milanez, Artur Yabe
Guimarães, Diego Duque
Keywords: Alimentos - Indústria - Brasil
Food industry and trade - Brazil
Agroindústria - Aspectos econômicos - Brasil
Agricultural industries - Economic aspects - Brazil
Agroindústria - Investimentos - Brasil
Agricultural industries - Investments - Brazil
Biotecnologia agrícola - Brasil
Agricultural biotechnology - Brazil
Nanotecnologia - Brasil
Nanotechnology - Brazil
Internet das coisas - Brasil
Internet of things - Brazil
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social
Abstract: Brazil stands out as one of the main agricultural and food producers and exporters in the world. This position has been achieved although there are some restrictions that limit its growth, as is the case of the unfavorable tax structure and poor transport and storage infrastructure. To optimize Brazilian agribusiness, it will be needed to overcome not only these barriers, but also promote health inspection measures and extend the international negotiations for the opening of markets. Finally, to go even further and transform the national food agroindustry, greater attention needs to be given to new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and the internet of things, as well as their environmental sustainability.
Other Identifiers: MILANEZ, Artur Yabe; GUIMARÃES, Diego Duque. Complexo agroalimentar = Agri-food complex. In: PUGA, Fernando Pimentel; CASTRO, Lavínia Barros de (Org.). Visão 2035 : Brasil, país desenvolvido : agendas setoriais para alcance da meta. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2018. p. 105-118.
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