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dc.description.abstractThere was a civil servant named Cecília, who suffered from a disability, on the team that Francisco headed in the ministry. Although she was committed to her work, she could not produce like her other colleagues in the General Career Plan of the Executive Branch (PGPE). Francisco was faced with the following dilemma when assessing the performance of Cecília: what should be the parameter of the evaluation, the general performance of the team or the development of Cecília? The Human Resources Department of the ministry had no specific guidelines for this situation and it was up to the head of the team to make this difficult decision. The case addresses the need for a performance evaluation system, which today is standardized and does not take into account different situations, such as the one introduced in this narrative. At the end of the case study there are questions for discussion about inclusion and performance evaluations.-
dc.publisherEscola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)-
dc.relationComo avaliar o desempenho de Cecília? - / ¿Cómo evaluar el desempeño de Cecília? -
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dc.titleHow to evaluate Cecilia’s Performance?-
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