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dc.creatorWojciechowski, Matias John-
dc.description.abstractIn the last decades, the prominent role of Brazil in the international political arena has become more evident. The country has acted to promote cooperation for the development of various countries with quite complex problems, seeking to change social and economic structures through long-term actions. This case study presents the summary of a diagnosis made by a consultant hired by the fictitious government of Terra Linda in order to assist the preparation of a horizontal cooperation project to be developed with Brazil. Although this is an imaginary country, the Case Study is based on real data and aims to stimulate the debate on how best to manage a partnership between nation-states, the priority areas to be addressed, how best to use resources as well as the role of each actor involved.-
dc.publisherEscola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)-
dc.relationCooperação horizontal em Terra Linda: mito ou aposta? <> Cooperación horizontal en Tierra Linda: ¿mito o apuesta? <>-
dc.rightsEscola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)-
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dc.rightsTermo::Licença Padrão ENAP::É permitida a reprodução e a exibição para uso educacional ou informativo, desde que respeitado o crédito ao autor original e citada a fonte ( Permitida a inclusão da obra em Repositórios ou Portais de Acesso Aberto, desde que fique claro para os usuários esses “termos de uso” e quem é o detentor dos direitos autorais, a Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (ENAP). Proibido o uso comercial. Permitida a criação de obras derivadas, desde que respeitado o crédito ao autor original. Essa licença é compatível com a Licença Creative Commons (by-nc-sa).-
dc.subjectinternational cooperation-
dc.subjecteconomic development-
dc.subjectdecision making-
dc.subjectfood safety-
dc.subjectwater resources-
dc.subjectagricultural productivity-
dc.titleHorizontal cooperation in Terra Linda: myth or bet?-
dc.typeEstudo de Caso-
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