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dc.creatorMiguez, Thiago de Holanda Lima-
dc.creatorDaudt, Gabriel Marino-
dc.creatorAraújo, Bruno Plattek de-
dc.creatorWillcox, Luiz Daniel-
dc.creatorCorrea Filho, Sérgio Leite Schmitt-
dc.identifierMIGUEZ, Thiago de Holanda Lima et al. Uma visão de política industrial para o Brasil: resultados a partir de uma proposta de matriz tecnológica. [s.l.] : [s.n.], [2018].-
dc.description.abstractThere is a well-known literature reporting that several countries, notably the developed ones, have been passing through a loss of their respective manufacturing production in the last decades. On the other hand, it must be recognized also that there is a recent movement in several countries to strengthen their national manufacturing (reshoring), such as Industry 4.0 in Germany and the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative in the USA. In Brazil it is not different. Besides the lack of competitiveness of the local manufacturing, and the consequent fall of its GDP share, there are ongoing initiatives that seek to recover the sector and develop new segments. This paper tries to contribute to these topics introducing an analysis for Brazilian main opportunities on technological demands, and their knowledge bases, with the potential sectoral absorption and and the obstacles on the institutional environment. By doing so, it is possible to combine both technological and industrial policy in the same analytical tool. Two forms were applied to some specialists and the results allowed the identification, for example, of the most transversal technologies - "Standard and Advanced Manufacturing", "Advanced Electronics and Optics" and "Biotechnology" - and the industries with a more diversified technological demand - "Oil and Gas", "Health" and "Aerospace and Defense".-
dc.subjectPolítica industrial - Brasil-
dc.subjectIndustrial policy - Brazil-
dc.subjectTecnologia e estado - Brasil-
dc.subjectTechnology and state - Brazil-
dc.subjectPolítica pública-
dc.subjectPublic policy-
dc.subjectEstrutura industrial - Brasil-
dc.subjectIndustrial structures - Brazil-
dc.subjectIndústrias - Brasil-
dc.subjectIndustries - Brazil-
dc.titleUma visão de política industrial para o Brasil: resultados a partir de uma proposta de matriz tecnológica-
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