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dc.creatorVital, Marcos Henrique Figueiredo-
dc.identifierVITAL, Marcos Henrique Figueiredo. Aquecimento global: acordos internacionais, emissões de CO2 e o surgimento dos mercados de carbono no mundo. BNDES Setorial, Rio de Janeiro, v. 24, n. 48 , p. [167]-244, set. 2018.-
dc.description.abstractThis paper exposes the Brazilian National Determined Contribution (NDC) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GEE), until 2025, as defined in the Paris Agreement, approved in the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21), in 2015.* The Brazilian NDC estimates a reduction of 37% of the country’s GEE emissions, compared to 2005. The imposition of a quantified and predetermined emission trajectory for “the parties” not only contributed to the development of geoengeneering techniques (carbon dioxide removal, weathering, amplifying Earth’s reflectiveness – also called Albedo) but also induced, therefore, the creation of several carbon markets, all over the world.-
dc.publisherBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social-
dc.subjectBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (Brasil) - Financiamento-
dc.subjectBrazilian Development Bank - Financing-
dc.subjectAcordo de Paris-
dc.subjectParis Agreement-
dc.subjectFundo Amazônia-
dc.subjectAmazon Fund-
dc.subjectAquecimento global-
dc.subjectGlobal warming-
dc.subjectRelações internacionais-
dc.subjectInternational relations-
dc.subjectMudanças climáticas-
dc.subjectClimatic changes-
dc.subjectGases estufa-
dc.subjectGreenhouse gases-
dc.subjectMudanças climáticas - Política governamental - Brasil-
dc.subjectClimatic changes - Government policy - Brazil-
dc.subjectCréditos de carbono-
dc.subjectCarbon taxes-
dc.subjectMercado de emissão de carbono-
dc.subjectEmissions trading-
dc.subjectPolítica ambiental-
dc.subjectEnvironmental policy-
dc.titleAquecimento global: acordos internacionais, emissões de CO2 e o surgimento dos mercados de carbono no mundo-
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