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dc.creatorAraújo, Bruno Plattek de-
dc.creatorWillcox, Luiz Daniel-
dc.identifierARAÚJO, Bruno Plattek de; WILLCOX, Luiz Daniel. Reflexões críticas sobre a experiência brasileira de política industrial no setor eólico. BNDES Setorial, Rio de Janeiro, n.47 , p. [163]-220, mar. 2018.-
dc.description.abstractIn the past few decades many national economies have heavily fostered renewable energy and clean technologies. The investments made were supported by strong public policy to promote energy security and independence, the transition to a green economy, stimulate job creation, spur innovation and economic growth. In this paper, we present a critical review of the public policy and its main mechanisms used in Brazil to develop a local wind industry, taking as reference the US and China experiences. The combination between energy policy and industrial policy is explored. We highlight the relevance of a sizeable and stable domestic demand of wind turbines connected to the public financing of wind farms and localization standards to promote a local manufacturing supply chain.-
dc.publisherBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social-
dc.subjectAerogeradores - Brasil-
dc.subjectWind turbines - Brazil-
dc.subjectPolítica industrial - Brasil-
dc.subjectIndustrial policy - Brazil-
dc.subjectEnergia - Fontes alternativas - Brasil-
dc.subjectRenewable energy sources - Brazil-
dc.subjectForça eólica - Estados Unidos-
dc.subjectWind power - United States-
dc.subjectForça eólica - Brasil-
dc.subjectWind power - Brazil-
dc.subjectForça eólica - Brasil - Financiamento-
dc.subjectWind power - Brazil - Financing-
dc.subjectForça eólica - China-
dc.subjectWind power - China-
dc.subjectForça eólica - Política governamental - Brasil-
dc.subjectWind power - Government policy - Brazil-
dc.titleReflexões críticas sobre a experiência brasileira de política industrial no setor eólico-
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