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dc.contributorGrisa, Daniela Cristina-
dc.contributorCapanema, Luciana Xavier de Lemos-
dc.identifierGRISA, Daniela Cristina; CAPANEMA, Luciana Xavier de Lemos. Resíduos sólidos = Municipal solid waste. In: PUGA, Fernando Pimentel; CASTRO, Lavínia Barros de (Org.). Visão 2035 : Brasil, país desenvolvido : agendas setoriais para alcance da meta. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2018. p. 415-438.-
dc.description.abstractThis text presents the reflections of the authors about the obstacles to the realization of the investments required for deployment, in Brazil, of a good system of management of municipal solid waste (MSW) – that reduces its generation, optimizes its economic exploitation and properly disposes of the residual waste. The objective is to contribute to building solutions that: in the short term, unlock investments; in the medium term, optimize their economic activities; and, in the long term, transform the Brazilian reality. The work is organized in seven sections. The introduction and the second section present a brief diagnosis of the sector and briefly describe the current situation of MSW management in Brazil. The third section enumerates the main obstacles to its development. The following sections indicate alternatives to overcome them, including: actions of urgent implementation, with immediate effect (in the fourth section); actions that would increase the level of investments even further (in the fifth section); and proposals for structural changes (in the sixth section). The seventh section contains the final considerations and recapitulates the main proposals discussed along the text.-
dc.publisherBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social-
dc.subjectResíduos sólidos - Brasil-
dc.subjectSolid wastes - Brazil-
dc.subjectSaneamento - Aspectos econômicos - Brasil-
dc.subjectSanitation - Economic aspects - Brazil-
dc.subjectAbastecimento de água - Brasil-
dc.subjectWater-supply - Brazil-
dc.subjectDrenagem - Brasil-
dc.subjectDrainage - Brazil-
dc.subjectLimpeza urbana - Brasil-
dc.subjectStreet cleaning - Brazil-
dc.subjectPolítica Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (Brasil)-
dc.titleResíduos sólidos-
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