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dc.creatorGadelha, Carlos Augusto Grabois-
dc.creatorCosta, Lais-
dc.creatorMaldonado, José-
dc.identifierGADELHA, Carlos Augusto Grabois; COSTA, Lais; MALDONADO, José. Inovação e território na agenda contemporânea do desenvolvimento e da saúde . In: LEAL, Claudio Figueiredo Coelho et al. (Org.). Um olhar territorial para o desenvolvimento: Sudeste. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2015. p. [318]-341.-
dc.description.abstractStructural sustainability of Brazil's health system recalls the country's development standards in terms of how it is shown and how it impacts the health of its population, with respect to economic aspects, since it represents a significant portion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as well as generating jobs and innovation. Due to its strategic importance, the role of the health has become an institution on the national development agenda. Nevertheless, the fragility of its production base still persists, compromising not only the universal provision of services, but also a competitive international insertion. Based on an analysis of economic policy for health, this chapter intends not only to present how health is prioritized within the contemporary context of development, but also to problematize initiatives underway so as to strengthen them, as well as to point out the importance and pertinence of analyzing variables in subnational spaces influencing the generation of technological innovations in health. Finally, considerations are presented on the consequences of whether to establish a virtuous agenda between health and development.-
dc.publisherBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (Brasil)-
dc.subjectDesenvolvimento econômico - Aspectos sociais-
dc.subjectEconomic development - Social aspects-
dc.subjectDesenvolvimento sustentável-
dc.subjectSustainable development-
dc.subjectSaúde pública - Brasil-
dc.subjectPublic health - Brazil-
dc.titleInovação e território na agenda contemporânea do desenvolvimento e da saúde-
dc.typeCapítulo de livro-
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