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dc.contributorEsposito, Alexandre Siciliano-
dc.identifierESPOSITO, Alexandre Siciliano. Energia elétrica = Electricity. In: PUGA, Fernando Pimentel; CASTRO, Lavínia Barros de (Org.). Visão 2035 : Brasil, país desenvolvido : agendas setoriais para alcance da meta. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro : Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, 2018. Sem volume, p. 313-340.-
dc.description.abstractThe Brazilian power sector faces its third crisis since the end of the 1980s. This crisis has been revealed by the recent low water flow at the hydropower reservoirs since 2013. However, the overcoming of the crisis depends on the resolution of institutional and financial elements exposed herein using the reform directives pointed out by the granting authority in recent public hearing to society. The purpose of this chapter is to indicate the ways to solve the crisis under guidelines of the proposed reforms.-
dc.publisherBanco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social-
dc.subjectEnergia elétrica - Aspectos econômicos - Brasil-
dc.subjectElectric power - Economic aspects - Brazil-
dc.subjectEnergia elétrica - Investimentos - Brasil-
dc.subjectElectric power - Investments - Brazil-
dc.subjectEnergia elétrica - Produção - Brasil-
dc.subjectElectric power production - Brazil-
dc.subjectCrise econômica - Brasil-
dc.subjectDepressions - Brazil-
dc.subjectEnergia elétrica - Consumo - Brasil-
dc.subjectElectric power consumption - Brazil-
dc.subjectCenários - Brasil-
dc.subjectScenarios - Brazil-
dc.titleEnergia elétrica-
dc.typeCapítulo de livro-
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