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dc.contributorTourinho, Octavio A. F.-
dc.creatorSilva, Napoleão Luiz Costa da-
dc.creatorAlves, Yann Le Boulluec-
dc.identifierTOURINHO, Octavio A. F.; SILVA, Napoleão Luiz Costa da; ALVES, Yann Le Boulluec. Uma matriz de contabilidade social para o Brasil em 2003. Rio de Janeiro: Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, 2006. 70 p. (Texto para discussão, n. 1242).-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we show how a social accounting matrix (SAM) for Brazil, for the year 2003, was constructed. In it, 39 activities, 39 products, 6 types of labor, and 11 family income classes are represented. This matrix will be used to update the computable equilibrium model (CGE) of the Brazilian economy developed at IPEA (CGE-IPEA), but can also be used directly to evaluate the impacts of public policy in other type of models, as for example, multiplier models. In the text we apply that methodology to evaluate, on the basis of the SAM 2003, the impacts of income redistribution policy.-
dc.publisherInstituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada-
dc.relationTexto para discussão (IPEA);1242-
dc.subjectContabilidade social - Brasil-
dc.subjectSocial accounting - Brazil-
dc.subjectPlanejamento político - Brasil-
dc.subjectPolitical planning - Brazil-
dc.subjectRenda - Distribuição - Brasil-
dc.subjectIncome distribution - Brazil-
dc.titleUma matriz de contabilidade social para o Brasil em 2003-
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