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dc.description.abstractThe initial project regarding the paper to be presented in the “Seminário Internacional Papel do Estado no Século XXI: desafios para a gestão pública” promoted by the “Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (ENAP) e o Ministério do Planejamento, Orçamento e Gestão do Brasil (MP)”, was restricted to the last two topics, that is the impact of public investment on the higher education system and on the technological advances fostering the Brazilian agribusiness. Instead of writing an overview regarding the general higher education system and the agribusiness complex we selected two emblematic enterprises proving that making the right choices public investments have a very high return rate. However meanwhile we closed the basic concepts regarding a new theory dealing with diffusion process. This new theory introduces a second order approach to the dynamics of particles scattering in some supporting medium. The new contribution is the consideration of two simultaneous flows in the same system dividing the diffusion cloud into two fractions. The possibility to work with two simultaneous flows is much more adequate to model population dynamics, infectious diseases with people moving in and out some environment and clearly capital flux. Despite the fact that we have no expertise in economics we dare to present a first essay in capital flux since the results obtained by the new model are quite interesting and acceptable by the common sense. We are also convinced that it is the obligation of the university to take risks and try to open new roads. The ultimate aim of a genuine research project is to present unexpected results. If in the research output there is no surprise something is missing. Therefore we decided to make two short reports on the Federal University of ABC in São Paulo, a very successful new university and on EMBRAPA which is a paradigm in the agribusiness complex, following a relatively extended presentation of the second order diffusion theory to capital flux. Besides the economic turmoil affecting Brazil and the international community as well deserves at least some alternative model that could better explain what is going on. Our apologize for that new orientation.-
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dc.titleA second order diffusion model with application in capital flow / A brief report on the creation and the academic output of the Federal University of ABC / A short report on role of EMBRAPA in the brazilian agribusiness-
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