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dc.creatorAlves, Luiz-
dc.creatorCabral, Rodrigo-
dc.creatorMunclinger, Richard-
dc.creatorRodriguez, Marco-
dc.description.abstractThis paper characterizes the term structure of Treasury bond yields for Brazil, and estimates a Nelson-Siegel Model to reproduce its stylized facts for the period 2004-2010. For this purpose, this paper uses a software developed by Fund staff. In addition, the paper estimates two versions of the Nelson-Siegel Model that incorporates macroeconomic variables with the aim of assessing the dynamic interactions between the yield curve and the macroeconomy.-
dc.publisherSecretaria do Tesouro Nacional (STN)-
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dc.titleTexto para discussão n. 04: nn Brazil’s term structure: stylized facts and analysis of macroeconomic interactions-
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