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dc.creatorKallwit, Cathryn-
dc.description.abstractThe case deals with the hiring of George, researcher who provided services to a Canadian government agency which, after suffering an accident at work, was informed that he had no right to the health insurance coverage available to servers. Due to the precariousness of the contract where the conditions of the employment relationship were established, and the proven treatment such as a ministry employee, George was entitled to the benefits he deserved and the agency was fined for not having collected the amounts related to labor relations. This situation illustrates how to establish good contracts with service providers, especially regarding hiring specialized technical services.-
dc.publisherEscola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)-
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dc.rightsTermo::Licença Padrão ENAP::É permitida a reprodução e a exibição para uso educacional ou informativo, desde que respeitado o crédito ao autor original e citada a fonte ( Permitida a inclusão da obra em Repositórios ou Portais de Acesso Aberto, desde que fique claro para os usuários esses “termos de uso” e quem é o detentor dos direitos autorais, a Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (ENAP). Proibido o uso comercial. Permitida a criação de obras derivadas, desde que respeitado o crédito ao autor original. Essa licença é compatível com a Licença Creative Commons (by-nc-sa).-
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dc.subjectemployment contract-
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dc.titleThe tale of two contracts, or, how to minimize the risk of forming an employment contract while acquiring goods, services or construction-
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